Manage, measure, optimize.

Save time with cross-channel ad management to maximize insights and optimize media and creative performance across all your digital campaigns.

About Campaign Manager 360

Campaign Manager 360 is an ad management and measurement system for advertisers and agencies. It offers a centralized tool for managing your digital campaigns across websites and mobile.

Campaign Manager 360 includes a robust set of features for:

Ad trafficking



How ad serving can help.


Get comprehensive measurement.

Gain transparency into paid media with built-in attribution, reporting, and automated third-party verification.


Streamline your workflow.

Native integrations with other Google products enable your media, creative and analytics teams to work faster.


Centralized ad serving across channels.

Manage all your video and display across the web, apps, YouTube, and emerging environments like connected TV.


More choices for ad management.

Direct integrations with third-parties give you the flexibility to choose how you manage and measure your campaigns.

Designed to work together.

Campaign Manager integrates with other solutions, allowing you to get insights across campaigns that you can use to optimize your media strategy and creative.

Display & Video 360

Integrate with Display & Video 360 for streamlined campaign management. Ads served by Campaign Manager 360 sync directly to Display & Video 360 for faster setup, and data syncs seamlessly for comprehensive reporting insights.

Analytics 360

Connect your paid media cost and performance data to your first-party audience data in Analytics 360 to get a full picture of the customer journey.

Search Ads 360

View Search Ads 360 performance and insights alongside your display and video metrics for a holistic view of cross-channel performance.