A complete creative toolkit.

Scalability and automation, for thousands of personalized creatives deployed within minutes. Intelligent banners that match your customer’s online context!

About Studio

Studio is a tool to simplify creative development. It offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to building creatives and managing creative assets. You can build HTML5 creatives using Google Web Designer components, build in your favorite HTML authoring tool using Studio's HTML5 API, or use a combination of the two.

Studio enables advertisers to:

Host an Asset Library

Develop Dynamic Creative

Quality Control

Benefits of dynamic creatives.


Increase creative development efficiency.

Develop one creative shell per ad size and use our tools to swap out the content that populates the ad on the fly.


Increase trafficking efficiency.

Traffic a single creative ID per ad size, instead of a creative for each unique creative iteration.


Serve the most relevant ad.

Use advanced dynamic creative targeting rules to tailor content to the viewer on every single impression.


Integrate seamlessly with Campaign Manager 360.

Easily generate reporting and analytics on campaign performance via Studio's direct link to Campaign Manager 360.

Creative personalisation in a Studio world.